10 Ministry Process Templates for Church Leaders – Growth

10 Ministry Process Templates for Church Leaders

How to Effectively Engage and Assimilate Visitors, Members, Ministry, and Spiritual Disciples

Effectively managing a congregation can be difficult when there are so many points of contact being made by members, first time church visitors, regular attendees, staff, and volunteers.

  • What’s the best way to encourage a regular attendee to become a member?
  • How should a relationship be fostered with a first time visitor?
  • How do you make sure multiple campuses stay on the same page each week?

These are the questions Growth helps to answer.

At the end of the day, your desire is to pastor people better. In this free guide, you’ll find 10 free ministry process templates to help you automate ministry tasks and pastor your church more effectively. In this guide you’ll find ministry task process templates for:

Enable first time guests to make the relational connection with church and congregants and to understand the vision of the church.

The new Christian attends the New Believer’s Class/Group and feels cared for by the staff and congregation through spiritual mentorship.

Attend the New Members Class or Group and reinforce the church’s culture.

Enable online guests to feel connected to the church as a community and utilize online resources for spiritual growth.

Ensure that people can find a group and join a group easily

Encourage and foster continued giving while educating givers on principles of biblical stewardship

Enable youth to make the relational connection with church youth team and youth group attendees

Guide the person through a process of spiritual discovery while establishing and deepening the relational connection with the church.

Assure them that you have received the prayer request and seek to ensure that they feel seen and cared for

Attempt to re-engage the member in taking steps toward establishing or re-establishing community with the church and staff