Social Fundraising and Financial Tracking

Custom Payment Allocation Types

Create your own payment allocation types for record keeping.

Donation Origin Tracking for IRS Compliance

Each donation within the Go Method system, either offline or online, has an audit tab to track all the movements, from initial donation to transferring between teammates, etc.

Fund Transferring

Transfer donations between team members, teams, and other trips.

General Trip Giving

Use "Can't Go? Donate" button to allow the ability to give to the team as a whole rather than an individual team member.

Social Fundraising

Each participant has their own personal fundraising URL and can share to social media directly from Go.

Manual Payment Tracking

Enter offline donations complete with tracking information such as donor, orgin of donations, and check numbers.

Donor Thanking Checklist

For all online donations, a checkbox will appear for participants to check off once they send a thank you note.

Processing Fee Covered by Donor

Ask donors to pay for the processing fee with their donations. It adds it to the participant donation value.

Recomended Donation Amounts for Donors

Make donation amount suggestions on the donation forms.

Ability to Disable Fundraising per Trip

Don’t need fundraising—no problem you can turn off fundraising and just have one amount due for the trip.

Automatic Funding Goals

If you rely on over-fundraising to send leaders or help other team members, you have the option to allow participant funding past 100%.

Ability to Show/Hide Donation Goals

You can turn off donation goals for the trip.

Customizable Trip Deposit

Set your deposit to whatever amount you want or skip it all together and setup other funding milestones.

Deposit Requirement Override

Manually add members to the trip to bypass initial deposit and application flow.

Starting At


What is an “active trip”?

A trip is active while accepting applications, payments or traveling. You can still accept general trip donations even when a trip is not active yet.


Go Smarter, Not Harder

Larger trips will have increased monthly costs in increments of $20

  • No credit card required during signup.
  • Fully transparent billing; always know exactly what you’re paying for.
  • Cancel anytime, no questions asked.

*Active accounts have a minimum monthly usage of $20
**You can integrate with your DocuSign or SignNow account for no additional cost. Otherwise, digital signatures cost $1.00 per document.