Ministry Platform Integrations

About the Integration

Growth Method interacts with Ministry Platform in severals ways to make sure that your plan of record is always kept up to date.

Data Processing

– During data processing of scanned cards, CSV imports or online forms, we user intelligence to determine if the information provided matches information with Ministry Platform and Growth will either create new profiles or update existing profiles.

– Using multiple choice selections, you can automatically create opportunity responses for contact profiles – For prayer or comments, you can use Ministry Platform feedback types in order to capture the data written.

– Growth can make decisions based on values within MP on the data processing as well including looking at a contact’s Status, having or not having an opportunity and having or not having a milestone already in Ministry Platform

– Based on the rules you set for the data, the end result could be to change the congregation of a household, add a milestone, add an opportunity, add the contact to a group, or change the status of the contact.


– On tracks, Growth will listen for specific data inserted into MinistryPlatform to add or progress a person through a track. Growth will listen for people added to a group, a new event participant attendance, a form response or the insertion of a milestone.

– To keep the contact record up to date as follow up happens in Growth, Growth will write milestones, change a person’s status, add a person to a group or write an opportunity to Ministry Platform.

Support & Resources:

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