Go Comparison

Core Features
ChMS Integrations
Church Community Builder +$10 month Premium
Rock RMS
Ministry Platform
Planning Center +$10 month
ChMS Individual Record Duplicate Prevention
Custom ChMS Data Sync Mapping
Donation Integrations
PushPay Premium
Plan Only
Plan Only
Stripe Premium
Plan Only
Vanco Premium
Plan Only
URL Redirect
Background Check Integrations
Protect My Ministry
Digital Signature Integrations
SignNow +$10 month
Platform Security
Active Directory Authentication
2 Factor Authentication
PCI Compliance
Global NDA
Global Disclaimer
Trip Disclamer
User Security Rights and Roles
Individual Trip Rights and Roles
Account Customization
Color Theme Premium
Upload Logo
Customizable System Emails Premium
Plan Only
Plan Only
Email Notification Preferences
Custom Domain Premium
Customizable Participant Profile Information Premium
Customizable Participant Emergency Contact Information Premium
Timezone Customization
Phone Number Display Options
ChMS Data Rules
Trip Templates
Trip Requests
Trip Cloning
Trip Types
Trip Status
Customizable Trip Applications
Approval or Rejection Workflows
Separate Leader and Participant Applications
Application Auto Save and “Finish Later” Function
Ability to Update Submitted Application
Application Templates
Confidential and Public Application Notes
Automated References Verification Module
Guardian Registration
Group Registration
Trip Max Headcount
Trip Minimum and Maximum Participant Numbers
Trip Age Limits
100% Online Fulfilled Participant Trip Requirements
File Upload
File Download & Upload
Question Form
Read & Accept
Participant Management
Pre & Post Application Approval Requirements
Automated Leader and Participant Reminders
All Team Requirement Views
Team Discussions
Group Travel Booking through AFC Travel
Group Travel Booking through HighPoint Travel
Individual Flight Information
Trip Meetings With Attendance Tracking
Trip Meetings
Trip Checklists
Global User Search
Fundraising and Financial Tracking
Custom Payment Allocation Types
Donation Origin Tracking for IRS Compliance
Fund Transfering
General Trip Giving Premium
Plan Only
Social Fundraising Premium
Plan Only
Manual Payment Tracking
Donor Management
Donor Thanking Checklist
Donor Statements
Trip Budgeting
Processing Fee covered by Donor
Recomended Donation Amounts for Donors
Ability to Disable Fundraising per Trip
Automatic Funding Goals w/ Ability to Override
Ability to Show/Hide Donation Goals
Customizable Trip Deposit
Deposit Requirement Override
Organization Outreach Webpage
All Trips Filterable Listing Page
Local Outreach Partner Listing
Organization Event Listing
Small Group Finder Link
System Reporting
Trip “Kitchen Sink” Downloadable Information Packet
Customizable Dashboards
Web Shareable Dashboards
Transaction Reports
Access to Past Archived Trip Information
Agency/Denomination Features
API Premium
Plan Only
Enterprise Administrator Management
Enterprise Level Security
Cross Account Reporting
Affinity Groups
Comparison as of November 1st, 2020

Go Makes it Easier For Everyone.