Customizable Trip Applications

Approval or Rejection Workflows

Trip applications in Go Method are managed from the individual trip page. Review, approve, and reject applications all in one centralized place.

Separate Leader and Participant Applications

You can create a variety of applications and create an application process that best works with your organization.

Application Auto Save and “Finish Later” Function

If your applicants start the application process, they can save it and login to their account to finish later.

Confidential and Public Application/Trip Notes

Admins have the permissions to edit submitted applications that have not yet been placed on a trip.

Application Templates

Create as many applications as needed and attach one to your trip. This allows you to capture all the possible information specific to your destination.

Confidential and Public Application/Trip Notes

Make confidential notes either at the application level or the trip level that are visible to all team leaders and/or admins who have the proper permissions.

Automated References Verification Module

Set reference rules and questions for your application process. Automated emails are sent and references completed using custom codes to ensure privacy.

Guardian Registration

Participants under 18 are automatically required to provide guardian information. Guardian accounts are created to enable them to follow all the information for their minor’s trip and sign important documents.

Group Registration

Register your entire team or family in one form!

Trip Max Headcount

If you have a limited number of spots on a team, you can set the number of applications you will have open. We have 3 different options for you to choose from for how those are counted.

Trip Age Limits

Adult vs. Student Trips" to "adult vs. student trips.

Starting At


What is an “active trip”?

A trip is active while accepting applications, payments or traveling. You can still accept general trip donations even when a trip is not active yet.


Go Smarter, Not Harder

Larger trips will have increased monthly costs in increments of $20

  • No credit card required during signup.
  • Fully transparent billing; always know exactly what you’re paying for.
  • Cancel anytime, no questions asked.

*Active accounts have a minimum monthly usage of $20
**You can integrate with your DocuSign or SignNow account for no additional cost. Otherwise, digital signatures cost $1.00 per document.