Assimilation Templates

First Time Guest Assimilation

Re-engage with first time guests to thank them for visiting, invite them back, connect them to relevant ministries, and more.

Salvation Assimilation

Congratulate new believers on their salvation and set them up to be properly discipled.

Membership Assimilation

Welcome new members, and plug them into relevant ministries and serving opportunities.

Online Campus Guest Assimilation

Thank people for joining your online services, re-engage them for future services, and provide them valuable resources.

Small Group Assimilation

Plug interested members into community by introducing them to relevant small groups.

New Donor Assimilation

Reach out to new donors and create ongoing personalized relationship with them.

Youth Assimilation

Connect and engage with new youth members to plug them into youth or student ministries.

Witnessing Track

Engage with curious non-believers to invite them back and connect with your ministry and community.

Member Reengagement

Welcome back previous members to offer them resources and get them plugged back into the ministry and community.

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