Advanced Communications

Email Drips

Use Assimilation Track action to create email drip campaigns.

Text Drips

Use Assimilation Track action to create text message drip campaigns.

Keyword Texts

Trigger communication with keyword based text messaging.

Custom “Digital Ministry Phone” Numbers

Growth provides phone numbers in your area code to assign to your team for making calls and sending and receiving text messages.

Track Calls and Text Messages

See a report of calls and text messages made.

Transcribes Phone Calls

See a transcription of each phone call made from your phone numbers to improve track performance.

Numbers Can Be Transferred to Other Staff Members

Easily switch phone numbers between members when staff changes are made.

Email & Text Blasts

Send a one-time mass message or drip campaign to a defined group of people.

Single Campus and Multi Campus Tracking

Compare the performance of ministries across multiple campuses.

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